Sigma Kids sequel: My Breakfast With Ava

Here’s a brief addendum to the lengthy Sigma Kids recollection you can find here and should read first:

devotees.spell Bowie ORIGINAL send from Dagmar
Spelling “Bowie” with our bodies

The trust between the artists and the Kids grew to the point where we could be depended upon for occasional errands and to provide rides.

My “personal highlight” of the Sigma Sound vigil came one dawn when Ava Cherry popped out of the studio on a mission to get a round of coffee and pastries for some of the people still recording.  You can guess who leapt forward to volunteer to take her to the seedy White Tower—the only nearby place open 24/7—a half-mile away.

We must have been quite the sight to the bleary-eyed truckers and the like, propping themselves up on the diner counter: Ava, the gorgeous black woman with short blonde hair and very stylish clothing; and her “escort,” a 5’8” 138-pound starchild.

The return trip was equally as adventuresome.  We were passing through the strip that housed various peepshow and porn magazine venues, when Ava decided it would be a laugh to pick up some, um, “adult reading” for David.

In all honesty, if she asked with a smile, I would have driven her to Bermuda.  The problem was, parking was forbidden on that block; and, furthermore, it was about to switch from two- to one-way traffic to accommodate the morning rush–and we were facing the wrong direction!

I sat nervously in the car with the engine running, not exactly sure what I’d do if someone gave Ava trouble in the shop or one of Rizzo’s stormtroopers rolled up and insisted I move along while she was still inside.

Was slightly relieved when the beauty came back to the car unscathed…but that was only because she didn’t have much cash left after paying for the breakfast goodies and needed to “borrow” the whopping seven dollars I had in my pocket.

A few minutes later, we were back on the way to Sigma, narrowly averting the traffic-direction-change deadline.  Not only had I proven myself to be trustworthy, made a new striking friend and had a fantastic story to tell, but I’d also earned a bonus.

After the full album recording session ended, Ava confessed she had fallen in love with yours truly, dumped David and we began living together in Paris.


Mojo Sigma COLOR shot w Photo Credit
The two men in Ava’s life, me (far left) and the soon-to-be-cuckolded Mr Bowie

Okay, that didn’t happen.  But what did transpire was:  the next time the band appeared in concert, Ava waved to me from the stage.  Jaw somewhere around my navel, I pointed to myself as if to ask “Are you waving at ME?,” eliciting a nod and laugh from the singer.

My sister, seated to my right, gently nudged me to also confirm it, at which point I was ready to fall off my chair.  Swoon, swoon.

4 thoughts on “Sigma Kids sequel: My Breakfast With Ava

  1. Great story to read. I was 13 years old at that time and had heard about you guys and just couldn’t believe that Bowie, the enigmatic, always out of reach, idol had opened up and actually allowed fans to get THAT close! Being in the UK, we were feeing so deprived of Bowie during that period, as the nearest we got was the fantastic BBC ‘Cracked Actor ‘ film of the 74 tour.

    You are right on point when you wrote that following Bowie was,’..a commitment, a way of life’. It engulfed me and a few friends and, although now older with responsibilities and different priorities, that commitment still lingers, albeit on different levels for each of us.

    Thank you for sharing your unforgettable experience. No amount of money can buy the memories that you have of that. Are you still in touch with any of the other ‘Sigma Kids’? The memories of our special moments of a Bowie experience are only a part of it. The really important thing to me is, the friends we made when we were brought together through a mutual admiration of a genuine ‘one of a kind’ artist.

    Take care and thanks again.

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    1. Thanks for such kind words. As noted, I was more like a “novice” Bowie fan (for lack of a better term) going in, but it was very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, especially when the center of attention was so charismatic. David was nowhere near as aloof as his image suggested–partially by design–and he quite enjoyed a laugh.

      As I recently told Dagmar, oddly enough, this did not turn out to be an immense “bonding experience” among the Kids. Imagine that!!!

      BTW, I went to another party with David and the band (that got broken up by the Philly police jerks), and eventually was even a guest in his hotel room with my two female companions. Oh, and if you read the bit about Ava and me, we had sex several times that night. HA, I WISH!!! LOL

      Thanks again.–SWM


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